The following testimonials are from users of the X39 patch. They are not meant as diagnostic or treatment advice for any illness or disease. They are the personal experience of these users. Each person is different and will experience different outcomes. There is no guarantee you will have the same results. Please work with your enroller to ensure proper use, proper hydration, and proper electrolyte balance for best results. These personal testimonials have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your medical practicioner prior to changing your health regimen. 


I have been on the X39 patch for less than a month and all I can say is push through the detox... these patches have made a HUGE difference in my life. I have been wearing the patch, belly only, and the results have amazed me. Did I detox? Yes. I worked around it. Being a 63 year old cancer survivor, I had been living with many chemo side effects. Two weeks into wearing the patch I had a planned two week trip to Israel. Not only has my bone ache decreased immensely, my arthritic hip pain has decreased. I was able to keep up with the rest of the group on the tour. Strenuous walking mostly uphill from 7:30am to 5:30pm. And as a bonus, I've lost 7 pounds! (Cheryl B. - Wyandotte, Michigan)


I have had astigmatism for close to 30 years. It has caused issues with mountain biking and snowboarding. When I went snowboarding this season and realized I could see the dips and bumps much more clearly without glasses. I went in for my annual check up, and sure enough, MY ASTIGMATISM IS GONE! My vision also improved so I no longer need to wear glasses while driving, watching TV, or going to movies. What a blessing! I was using X39 for 9 months when I noticed the change. My eye doctor was speechless! (Jen O. - Aliso Viejo, CA)


I started seeing improvement in my cycling numbers, as well as alleviated a low grade chronic low back pain that I had. (T.S. Los Angeles, CA)


I now have lower blood pressure and am hoping to come off my BP medication.  (Shari F. - Indianapolis, Indiana)


I fell down and fractured and dislocated my shoulder by 1cm. I am 69 years old. I had an X-ray the same day at Urgent Care. I saw an orthopedic doctor one week later and his X-rays showed the same and he wanted to operate on me. I said I wanted to wait. My friend gave me an X39 patch when I got back from the doctor’s office and she gave me 10 patches in total because I was going on a cruise the next day. Two weeks later I had another appointment with the same orthopedic doctor and he did another X-ray on me and it showed no dislocation and only a minor fracture.  I only had to do two weeks of physical therapy. The doctor was in shock. I will never stop putting on the X39 patch! (Diana L. - Key West, Florida)


I broke my foot, and I patched up with X39. Three weeks later the doctor could not see the break, and I never felt any pain. I experienced first-hand wound healing. I also have better sleep, more joy, and greater mental clarity. (L.S. Los Angeles, CA)


I’m off my cholesterol medication completely, off my Ambieum completely, my joints and carpal tunnel feels soooo much better. I have more energy and my hair and nails are growing again too. It’s definitely a win-win situation for me. (Clarissa N. - Cabot, Arkansas)


I have more energy, better sleep, and my knees are able to fully function on stairs. My nails are not splitting or breaking, my skin softer, and no more constant stomach ache. (Donna R. - Lansing, Michigan)


I’ve noticed dark spots on my face and hands fading quickly as well as long time small bumps on my chin clearing up. Very, very happy!! (Suzanne K. - Chatsworth, California)


My depression, which seemed to have been getting worse in the last few months, has lifted and I feel sort of the quiet peacefulness that I guess some might call zen. (Jeannette T. - Charlotte, North Carolina)


A most recent confirmation of the X39, was seeing my dad’s pitting edema and phlebitis resolve within 10 days after finally starting to use the X39. (T.S. Los Angeles, CA)


My husband has been on dialysis for five years. He had no energy and had trouble getting out of chairs. After three months on X39 he feels stronger everyday and mowed for the first time in two years. He is now doing small projects during the day. (Diane C. - Hope, Arkansas)


I have an abundance of energy, which I also have not had in many years!  (Jeannette T. - Charlotte, North Carolina)


My gums are no longer bleeding and I no longer are experiencing nighttime leg cramps.  Lisa S. - Houston, Texas


I have had many improvements!! I can get out of a chair without the aches and stiffness. My hair is growing like crazy and has thickened. My skin is AMAZING… less wrinkles and so soft!! And the best part… I lost 30 lbs with the help of the patches and an improved meal plan. (Jennifer C. - Silas, AL)

I am a 49 year old action sports enthusiast that tends to push a bit too hard. For this I am blessed to have lots of broken bones and stiff joints. When I got X39 I put the patch on and by the next day I noticed a huge difference. Normally, when I wake up in the morning, I always hobble to the bathroom like an 85 year old that is hunched over in pain, but that next morning I got out of bed as if I just got in! It was incredible! I was shocked that I had no atrophy or inflammation. That is when I knew I had to tell everyone about this miracle patch! Since then, my hormones have regulated and I am no longer needing to take over $398 in supplements. That savings alone was worth it! (Jen O - Aliso Viejo, CA)


I feel at least 20 years younger! At almost 70, my joints are no longer stiff and inflexible. I no longer hobble when I get out of bed or stand after sitting. My skin is no longer like crepe paper. Fine lines on my face have disappeared. My stamina is vastly improved. I just walked to the top of Yosemite Falls and back down with my family. I could NEVER have done that 4 months ago! And more amazing than being able to do that strenuous walk was that I DID NOT GET SORE! (Peggie H. - Chapmanville, West Virginia)


The swelling went down for the first time in 16 months since my knee replacement surgery and I no longer need the other knee done. I have more energy, more mobility, and my nails have stopped peeling. I am going on four months using x39. (Joan B. - Lexington, Kentucky)


I no longer am experiencing nighttime leg cramps.  Lisa S. - Houston, Texas


I had Covid in November of 2020. Severe fatigue (sleeping 20+ hours each day for two months), severe SOB - oxygen levels dropping consistently below 88, and extreme brain fog- trying to speak words with no words coming together making no sense. My panic attacks were several times daily and the worst they had ever been. My oxygen levels did eventually come up and stayed low 90s about six months after covid and I wasn't sleeping 20+ anymore- but was still taking naps after I came home from work consistently. My SOB continued even walking just a few steps. My panic attacks lessened, but still appeared here and there. Almost three months ago, a week into wearing X39, my brain fog lifted. A few weeks after that, my exhaustion and SOB lifted. I do not remember having a panic attack since I've started wearing X39. I can honestly say that today I feel like myself again pre- covid. I wake up refreshed and can think and speak clearly. I have gone on several walks and hikes to waterfalls and on trails. I am feeling some random aches in joints I've never had before, but I'm attributing this to the patch working more kinks out. I am so thankful I have my life back again! (Kathy S. - Niagara, Wisconsin)


I first started using the X39 and immediately had more energy, focus, better memory, get-it-done mindset, strength, flexibility and no longer had joint stiffness. These results are valuable to anyone but especially to me as a "senior." (Bonita S. - Bowie, Maryland)


My memory has improved so much it amazes me! (Jeannette T. - Charlotte, North Carolina)


I have relief of menopausal hot flashes, prevention and cessation of migraines, increased energy and focus, decreased anxiety, better sleep with a return of the dream state, decreased/eliminated pain due from inflammation and strain. Also, my body has been able to recover from any physical activity so well that I have finally been able to start riding my horse again, at the age of 52, after not riding for over 10 years. I feel like my body is transforming before my eyes! (Jennifer S. - Chesapeake, Virginia)


I have numbness/neuropathy in my toes on the foot that I had an ankle replacement on, and I am getting feeling back!! Within three days of starting X39, 90% of the pain I was having in my hips is gone!!! Both hip joints are nearing bone on bone along with bone spurs in the hip joints. Also, my gray hair is coming in darker. I am amazed every day!!! (Debra B. - Williams Bay, Wisconsin) 


Three years ago I got diagnosed with blood cancer. After 11 months of chemotherapy, unfortunately I became diabetic type 2 and because of the heavy chemotherapy I got neuropathy in both legs. After that I started having so much pain in the bottom of my foot and I started losing my nails and started getting wounds under my foot to the point that I couldn’t even touch my foot anymore. I couldn’t sleep and I was in so much pain for almost a year and a half. After I got introduced to X39 using one patch changed my life forever. The next day I woke up and almost 98% of my pain was gone! It was right there that I saw a hope that I needed to continue with this product, because nothing helped me as fast as this X39 patch and as of today, after almost one year in the company, I have lots of energy, no pain, and a very healthy lifestyle. (A.D. Los Angeles, CA)


The pain in my lower back and sciatic leg pain is much improved. I’m doing flowerbed work that I haven’t been able to do in years. My focus is much improved. Recently, along with friends that are 10+ years younger, I hiked down an Arkansas mountain to see waterfalls and back up and still had energy! The increased energy and focus has helped me get to my goal weight. I’m committed and all in! (Jane F. - Minden, Louisiana)


I am pain free and have energy with this patch. I’ve been able to skip three different pain meds and actually get good sleep. (Susan M. - Tulare, California)


We used IceWave patches on two friends (both in 70s) who were in excruciating pain. Both of them were seriously PAIN FREE in 10 seconds. They were able to GET UP and walk and move their arms, too. It was crazy amazing to see! They were stunned to say the least (I was praying it would work just so they would have relief from all the pain they suffer with all the time!) Long story short... they signed up immediately... at DIAMOND! 18 sleeves of X39s and three sleeves of IceWave. God is SO good! WOOOHOO!!!! (Karen F. - Texas)


My chronic pain and inflammation has subsided dramatically. (Jeannette T. - Charlotte, North Carolina)


I’m one of the one’s who didn’t “feel” anything right away. But I had already determined to give it 6 months. It took almost 3 of those 6, but when I finally got the results that I could feel, it was well worth the wait! I am no longer in pain. I had chronic pain for years in my lower back and feet. I was a mess!! My back doesn’t hurt, my feet don’t hurt and my legs and hips don’t hurt when I stand. When I would get up, I would have to hobble along for about 15 min or so because my feet hurt so bad. And my lower back was so bad I couldn’t roll over in bed. I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to sit up to roll, and it would hurt so bad I wanted to cry (and a lot of times I did cry). No more, I am pain free! (Linda B. - Darien, New York)


I was hurting bad in my lower back, I have been living in pain for years. I have tried every natural product I could find and have not been completely pain free in years! Within minutes of applying the X39 and the IceWave my back stopped hurting!! I have been pain free today for the first time in many, many years! I am totally blown away and have shed tears of joy today! My mind is completely blown away! I have had a feeling of peace that I can’t explain! So grateful!!! I have a new found hope that I can do things I have not been able to do in a very long time. I do believe the best is yet to come!!! (Loretta M. - Willacoochee, Georgia)


Within the first few days, my knee and foot pain was drastically reduced. Used to wake up and hobble for a few minutes – same thing with the knee after sitting for half hour or more. I’m in my mid 40’s and felt 20 years older. No more!! (Sarah B. - Minneapolis, Minnesota)


I got X39 because of an accident I had and was in severe pain. Within seven days I was off the pain meds and my doctor is amazed at how well I am healing. (Diane C. - Hope, Arkansas) 


The biggest eye opener was seeing my 15 year old Boston Terrier with an arthritic hip be able to go up and down the stairs two days after taping a patch to the underside of his collar. He hadn't been able to do that for months prior. (T.S. Los Angeles, CA)


Within four weeks I had more energy, deeper sleep, and greater clarity. Within 16 weeks, I went on vacation and did a nine hour strenuous hike climbing at Yosemite Falls at close to 8,000 feet with a speedy recovery the next day. I was even able to ride bikes the day after. I am 60 years old and this was the main reason I got on the X39 because of this hiking trip that my husband and I wanted to do. We checked it off on our bucket list! (Martha W. - Key West, FL)


Two years ago I had a tumor in my colon that was removed surgically, and then another removed a year later.  I went for check up this year (wearing X39 for four weeks) to the same doctor that did both surgeries and at the check up this year he was lost for words.  There was no scar tissue anywhere that would show I had two surgeries. My doctor said had he not personally performed both surgeries, he would have told her that she was lying about having these procedures done. Ther are no tumor scars! (Bertica A. - Miami, FL)


I experienced a shift in my sciatic discomfort within 2 weeks of using the X39 & the pins & needles in my feet is gone. My partner experienced a deep & restful first night sleep on the X39, his hair colour is returning & his heel & hand pain is much better. Looking forward to seeing what else regenerates with this technology. (Jenny C. - Palm Beach, Australia)


I noticed from day four with x39 that my neck and shoulder ache disappeared! At about 10 days on X39 I noticed my sinus is no longer blocked when I get up in the morning! Clear sinus!!! It’s so liberating! (June S. - Perth, Western Australia)


I haven’t had restful sleep in 25+ years... I’m now sleeping like a baby and waking up rested and refreshed (this alone makes me want to cry). (Jeannette T. - Charlotte, North Carolina)


I’ve also noticed much better sleep, more energy during the day (bye-bye midday sluggishness!), a more calm and chill mood, improved mental clarity, lower blood pressure (hoping to lower or eliminate meds), and no more PMS cramps! (Sarah B. - Minneapolis, Minnesota)


I’ve actually slept through the night since starting X39 and I no longer need caffeine during the day to keep me going. (Suzanne K. - Chatsworth, California)


My skin has gotten so much better - less dry and crepey. I’m middle-aged so that is huge! (Jeannette T. - Charlotte, North Carolina)


After four weeks of using X39 I noticed I was sleeping better and my pain in my hips and my shoulders disappeared, which was amazing. The swelling in my knee went down too, but the most bazaar thing is that the gray disappeared from my hair! (Vesna G. Ephrata, PA)


First thing I noticed was that I wasn’t having trouble driving at night. Night blindness had made it hard to go out after dark. All of a sudden I can see! (Kathy M. - McEwen, Tennessee)


Within eight weeks I had no more dry eyes. Within 12 weeks at my annual vision checkup, one eye went from 2.00 to 1.75, the other eye went from 1.75 to 1.50. (Martha W. - Key West, FL)


Since I started wearing X39 my eyesight has improved by one step in both eyes!!! This is confirmed by eye doctor!! I started noticing it about a month and a half ago and I have been wearing the X39 for about three months. (Debra B. - Williams Bay, Wisconsin)


It’s been 4 months since I started wearing the X39 patch daily. I first noticed more energy and a better mood that same day. Then I saw that my scars have smoothed, my hair and nails are stronger. Others have started commenting that I seem more upbeat, have more mental clarity and that my hair is less gray. My usual arthritic neck pain is rarely noticeable now. I can do strenuous activity and not be in pain the next day! I am excited to see even more positives as I continue to use X39. (Camille W. - Quakertown. Pennsylvania)


I have more energy and smoother skin. It helps with sore muscles and faster recovery. I’ve been on X39 patch for four months. (Rosalia O. - Elgin, Illinois)


Much more mental clarity and increased energy. I now have lower blood pressure and am hoping to come off my BP medication. I have less pain in my leg at times. I’ve been on the patch for 4 months. (Shari F. - Indianapolis, Indiana)


I am 65 years old. Within first three days I had better sleep which equaled more energy during day and less inflammation so I cut my fibro meds in half (now tapering off to see how I do) and I stopped a sleep prescription that was given with my fibro diagnosis. Within three weeks my hair was growing in thicker and some not as grey and/or white. I also definitely noticed an improved overall mood. Within three months I had another bump in energy (back to walking 1-2 miles per day and feeling like I could jog at times). I also have remarkable gum health based on dentist’s review! (Rene T. - Minden, Louisiana)


So many improvements within days to weeks of using X39!

Reduced inflammation and chronic back and hip pain gone, brain fog gone, balanced hormones and better moods, more energy, gut health improved, varicose veins are no longer bumpy, my neck and shoulder pain is 90% better after three months, and the numbness from a pinched nerve is 80% better over 2-3 months. I’m back to gardening after giving it up for two years because of my pain. I can now bend, kneel, and stretch for long periods and recover quickly. I’m not in pain for days afterwards anymore. Thank you LifeWave! (Joy B. Pine City, Minnesota)


I’m 49 and my knee continues to improve and stopped hurting after nine days using X39 and Aeon. Right now I am typing this at 5am WITHOUT my glasses. It’s a little blurry however, I couldn’t have done this a week ago and it is now day 45 wearing X39. The kicker is that my husband, Glen, who is 66 and started patching the same day as me, went for a TWO HOUR kayak excursion this week and woke up with ZERO pain or stiffness. He’s never been in a kayak since I met him (that’s been over 20 years!!!!) If you don’t want to reverse your age and you don’t want to do things fun and exciting, don’t use these patches!!! (Stephanie S. - Fargo, North Dakota)